Active Commute to School Stats

Trips: 312,652 Miles: 198,598

About Off The Front

The Purpose

 Off The Front (OTF) is a cycling term for a rider who has broken away from the rest of the pack. As a non-profit (ID# 27-2022802), Off The Front’s desire is to help kids in impoverished areas learn how to set goals and work hard to reach those goals so they can break away from the hindrances they face in the areas of education and obesity in order to succeed in the race of life.

What We Do

Earn a Bike :: We offer every fourth grade student who attends a school we work with in the impoverished areas of our county the opportunity to earn bicycles when they achieve customized goals in academics, character, and service. The purpose of the bike is to motivate each child toward a healthy lifestyle that they will continue in the years ahead.

Active Commute :: We train kids from kindergarten through sixth grade to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Students’ backpacks will be equipped with an individual radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that will be scanned as they ride, walk, or otherwise actively commute to school. As a result, kids earn $.10/trip that is banked and used to purchase items at our mobile store.

Bike Repair :: We fix kids’ bicycles so they can continue to be physically active throughout their lives. Once we started giving away bikes to the kids who earned them, we realized the importance of maintaining the bikes in order to keep the bicycles safe and operational. We developed a mobile unit that we use to do quarterly bike repairs at six schools as well as several one-time events throughout the year, where we teach youth and parents how repair their bicycles.


How Off The Front Measures Success

Two primary areas determine success: academics and health. In academics, the student’s overall performance should progress during the year they are earning their bike. With this incentive, improvements in the areas of Math, Reading, English-Language Arts, etc. will be used as measurable goals.

Off The Front seeks to demonstrate that each child who has consistently participated in our training for an entire school year will noticeably improve his or her overall health. We verify those improvements by tracking the number of trips and miles each child accrues and by compiling the results from the California Physical Fitness Test.


Since inception in 2009, Off The Front has expanded to 9 schools across Fresno Co. We have had the privilege of awarding over 1,700 bikes to hard working fourth graders. Our Active Commute program has seen thousands of K-6th grade students register 245,000 trips to school accumulating over 267,000 miles while burning 10.5 million calories. To date, we’ve repaired over 2,500 bicycles for both adults and kids. We have taught dozens of kids basic bike repair skills and provided repair kits to students demonstrating mastery of these skills.


Our Board Members ::

  • President: Tim Loper
  • Vice President: Tanner Tingey
  • Treasurer: Santino Danisi 
  • Board Member: Jeff Krueger

Downloads ::

501c3 Determination Letter