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Meet Joshua, Rosaura, & Rosie
by Michele Slayden


OTF: Why did you want to earn a new bike?
Joshua: I used to ride my old bike but it got too small and so I gave it to my brother. I remember what it was like to have my bike before and how much fun it was. I want a bike for myself.

OTF: What was the hardest part of earning a bike?
Joshua: The hardest part was working towards my points. The health part was the hardest of the activities because I like junk food. But then I began to try new foods and started eating differently. Like I used to hate asparagus and tried it again and now I like it. The problem was that I didn’t like the way my grandmother made it but then my dad made it and I liked it. I’m still trying to eat new things now like seafood and definitely more asparagus.


OTF: Has anyone been influenced by the changes you have made?
Joshua: My cousins have started eating more fruits & vegetables.


OTF: What did earning a bike mean to you?
Joshua: I had a big feeling of accomplishment. I worked hard for grades. I felt excited and like “I made it, I did it!” I still ride my bike today.


OTF: What was your favorite thing about OTF?
Joshua: Mr. Lapa made the us feel like more of a family. Our class got really close. Even though some kids didn’t earn the bike, they were still motivated to change their behavior when he was around.


OTF: What advice would you give to an upcoming 4th grader?
Joshua: It’s worth it to work hard to earn the bike.





OTF: Why did you want to earn a bike?
Rosaura: Most of our bikes at home are broken and not working.

OTF: What was challenging about earning a bike?
Rosaura: Learning about the healthy habits. A lot of the things we learned I had never heard before we were taught.

OTF: What did you learn?
Rosaura: I learned soda has more sugar than you are allowed to have in one day.

OTF: What changes have you made?
Rosaura: Now I don’t drink as much soda, I now eat more salad, peas, and a lot more fruit.

OTF: Has anyone in your family been influenced by your changes in habits?
Rosaura: Yes, my uncle has been working out and doesn’t listen to people who try to get him to eat unhealthy. He eats fruit instead. My mom is now working out too and she knows now how important it is for her to exercise, and have us kids exercise and eat healthy.


OTF: What did you like about the program?
Rosaura: This is the first time I actually had something to work towards where I earned something myself. I worked really hard to learn things. I also loved the water challenge and now I started drinking more water.

 OTF: What would you tell 4th graders who are earning their bike?
Rosaura: Work hard to earn your bike because it’s worth it.



OTF: Why did you want to earn a bike?
Rosie: My bike was broken by my cousin, who crashed and broke it.

OTF: What was your favorite activity?
Rosie: I thought the water challenge was really good because I used to drink a lot more milk and now I drink water too. Learning how to eat the rainbow was fun!


OTF: What habits have you changed?
Rosie: I am more active not than I was before. I play basketball a lot more with my cousins.


OTF: How do you feel about earning your bike?
Rosie: I feel very proud that I earned a bike myself and put in the effort.


OTF: What was your favorite thing about Off The Front?
Rosie: Mr. Lapa coming and spending time with us.


OTF: What would you tell 4th graders this year?
Rosie: Stay healthy and always listen to your teacher.

Dec 27
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