Active Commute to School Stats

Trips: 307,204 Miles: 194,234


Mike Slayden

 Not just the founder of Off The Front, Mike also has a side job as a pastor. He teaches the Bible four mornings a week to people who aren’t even awake yet. This does, of course, require a lot of coffee, and he loves his fancy schmancy French press – almost as much as he loves his bicycle. Mike graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and decided to move from the Texas heat…to Fresno. You’re sure to find some Counting Crows and Jackopierce on his iPod, and if you ever see him with his wife and three daughters at one of his favorite restaurants, Famous Dave’s, check under his mashed potatoes. That’s where he hides his peas.


Michele Slayden

Blue Bell ice cream and sweet potato fries are some of Michele’s favorite things, but they still don’t quite rank up there with the vanilla creamer she puts in her coffee (the actual coffee being optional). You would probably never guess that she has a BS in Dietetics and a Master’s in Christian Counseling, and she is also a cook, maid and chauffeur to her three girls, roles she will take any day as long as she never has to waitress tables again. Preferring Pinterest and Google over TV (especially since her husband usually controls the remote), she also loves to run, bike and sew, and you may or may not find some old school Janet Jackson CDs in her glove box.


Lindsey Mariano

With a Master's in Human Services and Exercise Science, as well as a love of cycling, Lindsey is a great fit for Off The Front. She is passionate about pure, delicious, well-done coffee – typically pour overs from Africa or Latin America – but prefers to imbibe separately from her favorite foods: super fresh fish tacos, lentil soup and frozen yogurt. Lindsey also enjoys dancing, watching documentaries, and exploring cities with friends while listening to Michael Jackson and thinking about the great mysteries of life.




Tanner Tingey

A high school jock turned Commercial Real Estate Developer, Tanner loves everything about the outdoors. As someone who has had more orthopedic surgeries than he has fingers, he still managed to complete an Iron Man Triathlon when he was 40. While you may find him strumming on his guitar, watching The Sting, or fishing with his three kids, his wife knows the way to Tanner’s heart is to put on a little Otis Redding and cook his favorite meal – you know the one, made famous by Lady and the Tramp.


 Santino Danisi

A drummer, guitar player and Fiscal Services Director for Fresno Unified, Santino takes his coffee black, “like a real man.” Not just a fan of the San Francisco Giants and the Gypsy Kings, he also loves to cook, read, ride his bike, watch A River Runs Through It and head to the coast for the weekend. He is the quintessential Renaissance man; but sorry ladies, this guy is happily married.


Tim Loper

He once wanted to be an artist, then a pro bike racer. Now Tim manages water and wastewater infrastructure computer modeling and capital planning projects for large municipal agencies – which is probably why he envisions himself pulling a Ferris Bueller whenever it’s really nice outside. If you don’t find him skiing with his wife and three kids, or rooting for the San Francisco Giants, you’ll probably find him at Chipotle, although even his favorite restaurant still won’t quite satisfy his love of all things cheese (including the smelly kinds). He loves backpacking, cycling and coaching soccer, and he secretly likes playing golf too, although he doesn’t consider it an actual sport.